These are the foundations of our order:

Schools and Youth

We provide to our schools yearly:

•  Grade School Scholarships

•  Funds for Parish Youth Organizations

•  High School Scholarships worth $1000 annually.

•  School Supplies Drive



•  scholarships for seminarians who are in formation.

•  Matching funds to help support Diocesan Media Center.

•  Pennies for Heaven to support the dioceses ongoing vocational needs.



Mentally Handicapped

We have raised and donated over $90,000 for our mentally handicapped friends over the last ten years.

•  Double ARC

•  M.O.D.E.L. School

•  Special Olympics

•  Bittersweet Farms

•  Anne Grady Center

•  Sunshine Children's Home


We have a social meeting on the first Tuesday of the month and a business meeting on the third Tuesday of the month. Check out our calendar on this web site.

Service to our Church

Liturgical Readers - CCD Teachers

Eucharistic Ministries - B.L.U.E

CCD Teachers - Finance Committees

School Volunteers - Holy Name

School Committees - Ushers

Parish Council - St. Vincent De Paul


Service to the Community

•  Corporate Communions

•  Service to the Ohio Veterans Home

•  Pro Life Activities

•  Sponsor Youth Activities

•  Sponsor and Assist Heart Beat of Toledo



Not all men qualify for Knighthood. You must be over 18, a practical Catholic in Communion with the Holy See. You must have a spirit of Catholicism and a belief in the Precepts of the Church.

There are annual dues and we appreciate help with our service projects. And of course, membership has its rewards...



  • Add Meaning to Your Life

  • Become a Better Family Man

  • Become a Better Citizen

  • Become a Better Catholic


•  Soccer Challenge

•  Easter Egg Hunt

•  Children's Christmas Party

•  Essay Contest

•  Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest

•  Free Throw Contest



•  Family Picnics

•  Golf Outings

•  Tailgate Parties at UT

•  Monthly Steak Roasts

•  Bowling Team

•  Family Campouts



•  Shower for the Unborn

•  White Elephant Auction

•  Dinners

•  Monthly Pancake Breakfasts

•  Monthly Salisbury Dinner

•  Adult Christmas Party

•  Product Parties

We do what our members enjoy. Call to visit one of our functions and see how you like it.

For more information or to join, please call: Michael Saine at (419)699-9299